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Introducing 12 week Mastermind "Clarity, Courage & Transform

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Where are you seeking CLARITY within yourself, space, life?

You came here on purpose! We need you and your divine wisdom in action.

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Cost: $775 

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Upgrade option: $1111 (receive 3 private sessions)

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Wednesdays at 1pm PST (September 18 to December 4th), we spend an hour together delving deep into the powerful tools that have radically transformed my life- from the inside out- and many of my clients. These will be recorded and the replays are always available to you. 

Get super clear about your true identity and what you came here to do in the world. Develop a decision making process that drives your purpose forward. Create routines and rituals that nurture and support all aspects of you and your well-being. Witness your wisdom activated and honored, in action. 

Learn to take personal inventory of your strengths and assets, as well as any character defects that may be holding you back. 

Be ready to release what no longer serves you or the greater good~ physically, mentally, emotionally, as well as energetically and spiritually. Make space to receive what truly does serve and raise your frequency through deep gratitude. 

Don't just do this for you. Do this for the collective conscious. Our earth and cosmic community. We need you more than ever ~ your gifts and talents, generosity and empowerment. 

As we learn to commune with our highest self and infinite soul's wisdom, asking our spirit guides and council for assistance, we truly build and bridge from a deeply transformative, alchemical space. It permeates from our very being and ripple affects throughout all time and space.

Everything is energy. Where are we putting ours? Who and what are we saying yes to? As you get more clear about your identity and purpose, you'll naturally develop the courage to align with that and truly, transform. 

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