Ashley is a Clarity Coach & Soul Purpose Guide.


ABOUT her businesses & beyond:

Creatively Neat focuses on the magic of de-cluttering and optimally organizing your physical space and life.  She has trained some of the best professional organizers to service Greater Los Angeles, whereas Ashley supports people worldwide virtually with consulting, life balance and clarity coaching. 

She even gifts clients her newest workbook journal, "Organizing and Loving Yourself, Space, Life!" and walks them through it. 

Ash Moon focuses on clearing the emotional, energetic, and spiritual clutter so we can have clarity, feel lighter, and ignited to move forward. Ashley offers Akashic record readings and integration sessions to ensure the wisdom received is being honored in action.

Clients can book one specific service, or a blend, and she's happy to help combine or customize. 

Ashley is also an artist and activist; excited to begin sharing some of her poetry, music, and performance art here soon too!

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What people are saying...

"Most certainly recommend"


"I love working with Ashley because of her calm, focused energy and soothing voice, as well as her ability to tap into just what I need to hear.

In our last session, I got clear and inspired as to what direction to take my art projects and now have a new series in the works. 

I would most certainly recommend her to anyone looking to see clearly what the next turn in their life’s path or soul’s path might be.

Her privates are great and I love that she's taking this to a group level, how fun!"

~Rachel, artist in West Hollywood

"I'm picky...but Ashley was the perfect choice..."


"I’m picky when it comes to who I allow to access and navigate the most vulnerable places of my being. Ashley was the perfect choice. Her divine guidance was a gift to experience. She helped me navigate one of the most painful times of my life. 

Her sessions offer an opportunity to reconnect to my most true self without the noise that the human experience sometimes brings. 

Ashley’s ability to drop into the space where all possibility lies is a true reflection of her heart and intention when doing this work. That is important to me. She is gentle with the process of navigating your soul and allows you to step into it as you are ready. 

Every session allows me to access deeper truths within myself and connect with what my next best step is on the path I’ve chosen. There is no better place to make a decision than from the depths of my inner most truth. Ashley is my new go-to-girl for any and all matters that could use some soul-navigation!"

~Felisha Avirez

High Performance Trainer

Spiritual Coach

Conscious Discovery Center

"Prepare yourself for a profound experience!"


"Ashley has a unique gift for seeing though the mundane into the things that matter. 

If you are looking for a fortune telling, see a palm reader. If you are looking for a deep journey into your souls journey on this earth, connect with Ashley. You'll feel held, safe and seen. Prepare yourself for a profound experience!

She uses such gentleness and grace to ease you into your session and then a whole world opens up. Her ability to tap into me and then share what she saw was profound. Images, sounds, emotions, conundrums and choice-points...all were present.


In our last session, I was able to heal physical and emotional pain by revisiting a past life experience!  


I sat in discomfort, but  truth, and Ashley held me as it washed over me, releasing my emotions and cleansing my stories of victimhood, blame and self-doubt. I was finally free.

~Skye Weaver

Lead Focus Coach

Psychedelic educator and integration specialist 

"A true gift...priceless. A routine and simple plan I can stick with."


"Ashley is highly intuitive and helped me with my creative blocks and organizing a healthy daily routine that supports a productive/creative lifestyle. 

Her ability to tune into what I truly needed and create a simple plan I can stick to has been a true gift. 

Her services are completely worth-it and its effect has been priceless!"


Ashley is the BEST! For all your mind, body, spirit, and home decluttering needs.


"Ashley is the BEST!!! For all of your mind, body, spirit, and space decluttering needs, she is THE person to call. 

She is deeply compassionate and understanding, and will never judge you or your mess. She is reliable and her prices are very fair. And more than that, she has a heart of gold, you can TRUST! 

I recommend her coaching services as well. 5 enthusiastic stars. Helping Artists and Creatives get their shit together for years. Many years for me!

I wouldn't have been able to create or sustain my space the way I want it to be- without her help. 

She has helped me virtually, in person, and has even sent out a couple of her organizers over as she expands her business. I'm super grateful! 

~Shereen Sun

Sacred Business Coach

Creatrix, Free spirit 

"Phenomenally helpful...had been stuck...I feel lighter already!"


"Ashley is amazing and phenomenally helpful.  I did a phone session with her, and was able to actually clear my desk of years' worth of papers the same day.  

I had been trying on my own to get organized for years, even through several moves, and had just been stuck.  I'm moving forward with the rest of my home.  

Her work with me is having profound effects on my life as well.  She has such positive energy, and is truthful in a way that is so kind and helpful.  Just magical, truly.  I'm excited to keep moving forward, and I feel lighter already!"

-Katherine G.

(picture anonymous)